DEFI is a robust system for measuring the charging level especially for concrete admixtures.

Principle of Measurement

  • A measuring rod with 3 vents is placed into the storage tank.
  • One of the upper vents is supplied with compressed air which will escape throough the lower vent at the bottom of the tank.
  • The second upper vent will be used for measuring the hydrostatic pressure which will be used for calculationg the charging level.


  • No contact of the sensor system with the fluid.
  • All sensistive parts reside in the control box
  • Minimal conumption of compressed air. However increasing the flow rate can be used for stirring the fluid.
  • Expandable from 4 to 14 metering points.
  • Quick installation

Data Access

  • Internetconnection can be accomplished by the integrgated UMTS Modem or by TCP/IP Network.
  • Autonomous dataransfer to a server via FTP in configurable intervals.
  • Querying and displaying the data of any number of DEFIs is done by a datalogger.