LabMan is the main module of the Baula Laboratory management software. It covers especially the operational sequences of concrete testing labs including the time slots in a freely definable way.


  • Customer-, order- and location based management of tests.
  • Documentation of all necessary work steps.
  • Automatically sending of To-Do lists by Email.
  • Browser based and operating system independent.
  • Multi language.


  • Freely definable test definitions.
  • Comprehensive overview of upcoming tests.
  • User specific working lists.


Excel templates are used for the highest possible flexibility when creating test reports. OpenOffice is also possible.
  • Easy adoption of existing Excel templates.
  • Freely modifiable Excel reports before completion.
  • All calculation capabilities of the spreadsheet application can be used.
  • Higly flexible search capabilities, like all compression strength of a certain customer during the last quarter.