The Baula Laboratory Management Software is a mature webbased system with it’s roots going back into 1997. The latest Release 3 is operating system and browser independant, both on the server and the client side.

The Baula webinterface is clearly arranged and easy to use with a persistent look and feel. Of course there’s a comprehensive online documentation.

Currently Baula is available in german and english.

Baula offers you the ability to export all data into .csv or .xls files. Simply click the desired data fields and store the report definition.

If required you can also automatically receive that report by email at specified times.

  • The Baula Laboratory Management Software is operating system independent.
  • You can run both the client and the server side either on Windows, Linux or Mac .
  • Java Applikation Server either Tomcat, Bea Weblogic, IBM Websphere or Jboss.
  • Database server either MS-SQL, Infomix, MySQL or Oracle.
  • Webbrowser either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
  • On the client side you need either Excel or Openoffice for finishing the test reports if required.
  • Baula can be installed on your existing server as well as you can receive a hardware appliance or a pre-installed virtual machine.